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Investing in Solar Energy
An investment in solar energy can give return greater than 9% TAX FREE, better than any high street savings account and its GUARANTEED for 20 years!

What is Solar PV?

What are solar Panels?
Solar Panels are a clean and Green way to produce cheap energy from sunlight.

What we offer

What we offer
Our experienced team offer a high quality installation that will be guaranteed to last well into the future.
Why invest in a solar P.V system?
Solar Photovoltaic systems are a sure way of getting a high return on your hard earned cash. As of April 2010 the government introduced a feed in tariff that guarantees a fixed rate of return on the electricity produced by Solar Panel systems.




How the scheme works

3 ways you benefit-

1. Generation tariff – a set rate paid by the energy supplier for every unit (or kWh) of electricity you generate. This tariff will change for new entrants to the scheme depending on the current rate, but once you join you will continue on the same tariff for 20 years. Currently the tariff is at 14.38p per unit.


2. Export tariff - you will receive a further 3p/kWh from your energy supplier for every unit you export back to the electricity grid, that is when it isn’t used by yourself.


3. Energy bill savings – you will be making savings on your electricity bills , because generating electricity to power your appliances means you don’t have to buy as much electricity from your energy supplier. The amount you save will vary depending how much of the electricity you use.



How the feed in tariff works


Lighthouse Electrical are MCS approved installers!

For your Solar Panel Installation to be eligible for the government feed in tariff it must be installed and certified by an MCS approved installer.



Lighthouse Solar Installation Guide Prices

At Lighthouse we want to install the right system for you. Bellow are some examples of systems that we install and their properties.
No of Panels
x Peak Power
Total Annual
Income +
Annual ROI
(Return on Investment)
20 Year Return





































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Feed In tarriff requirements

As of 1 April 2012, there is a new energy efficiency requirement for householders installing solar PV.

Householders with an energy performance certificate (EPC) of band D or better (A being the best) will be eligible for the standard tariff of 14.38 p/KWH for each unit they generate. For EPCs of E or lower (with G being the worst) then householders will recieve the lower rate tariff.



South facing roof. 30° pitch, no shading and 50% of electricity exported. Calculations Bases on Energy Saving Trust cashback calculator.


If you would like to calculate how much you could save a year why not do so using the Energy Saving Trust Cashback Calculator, click on the link bellow-

Cashback Calculator


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